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Welcome to The Pilsdon at Malling Community


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What is Pilsdon at Malling?


The Pilsdon at Malling Community is a Christian-based community with its ideals and ethos taken from the Pilsdon Community in Dorset. The first Pilsdon Community was founded in 1958 as a refuge for those in crisis. We seek to provide an environment where people can rebuild their lives after experiencing a crisis, whether sudden or progressive, and offer a safe home for those working through depression, alcoholism, addiction, divorce or bereavement.

Continuing this in Pilsdon at Malling, we invite people to come and share our life, be it for a day, a week or many years. People who find themselves isolated, lonely and on the fringe of society are particularly welcome.




Wayfarers seeking rest on their journey's way are welcome at our door.

To all, we offer friendship and hospitality, as well as traditional Christian charity. At any one time Pilsdon houses up to 20 people. About four of these are Community Members, who take responsibility for running the community on a voluntary basis for between one and ten years without salary. Everyone who stays at Pilsdon - guest, visitor, wayfarer, volunteer or community member - participates fully in the life of the Community.

 A leaflet containing more information about us can be downloaded by clicking here.

Aims and objectives of the charity


For the relief of financial need and the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of good physical and mental health by offering accommodation, hospitality and spiritual refreshment to those who by reason of poverty, disability, mental or spiritual incapacity or inability to manage their own affairs are in need of such refuge without regard to race, gender or creed. For the advancement of the Christian religion by the formation and maintenance of a community of people who from time to time will endeavour to live together as one household in order to welcome people in need and be united in love and prayer according to the precepts of the Christian Gospels.



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