Welcome to Pilsdon at Malling

The Pilsdon at Malling Community is a Christian-based community which seeks to provide an environment where people can rebuild their lives after experiencing a crisis, whether sudden or progressive. We offer a safe home for those working through depression, alcoholism, addiction, divorce or bereavement. We also welcome people who wish to find time to reflect on their lives before making a change in direction or just want time out to live as part of a Community.

Wayfarers seeking rest on their journey's way are welcome at our door.

A leaflet containing information about us can be downloaded by clicking below.

Changing of the Guardians


At the end of March it will be all change at Pilsdon as Viv and Tim retire, and Joss Walker is welcomed as the new Guardian.


“It must have been back in March 2015, when we were contemplating applying to Pilsdon, that we said to each other “come on, how about one more little adventure before we actually retire!”

Well it has certainly proved to be that. There is so much we have enjoyed and wrestled with and so many new experiences we have faced and so much we have learned. Did we ever in our lives expect to be delivering pigs to the abattoir, welcoming such a diverse range of people to share community life with us, enjoying such a harvest from earth worked by community hands? Well these are just the outer fringes of all that Pilsdon life has been. Add into the mix the daily prayers, the spiritual and practical journey it has been with fellow Members, volunteers, Trustees and wider Pilsdon supporters and we come out of it much enriched and with much to reflect on. So, a big thanks to all who have been alongside us through our time and we pray God’s continued provision and blessing on Pilsdon at Malling.

It is with mixed feelings we move on but we are assured that the time is right. We look forward to the new adventure that ‘retirement’ will be. We especially look forward to being closer to our family and being free to spend time with them and to discovering whatever else God has in store for us. Pilsdon will always be in our hearts and in our prayers.

With much love

Viv and Tim Ashworth”

“I love the focus of the Pilsdon community and did wonder about becoming a community member some years ago, but other life opportunities opened up at that time. St Mary's Abbey and its grounds have long been sacred space for me and I have often wandered past the community or looked over to see what is growing in the vegetable gardens. I can’t imagine a greater privilege than being able to share in that life on a daily basis. I welcome the idea of living more closely to the earth and within the rhythm of the seasons and enjoy sharing my life and faith with others, so the opportunity to be the guardian of the community seems like a real gift.

Joss Walker”

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