Guests are those who, at a time of crisis in their lives, come to live at Pilsdon at Malling so that they can find safety, support and respect. Pilsdon at Malling provides a friendly environment that understands the immediacy of their troubles. Here their gifts and skills will be affirmed and new ones can be learnt.

Please read our Ethos Leaflet(see below) before applying to see if Pilsdon would be suitable for you in your current situation.We aim to make Pilsdon at Malling a safe place for those who live here. We do not accept people who have a history of, or convictions for, sexual abuse, arson or non-drug / alcohol related violence.

There is a daily pattern of prayers (optional), meals (compulsory), work and recreation. Everyone is expected to assist to the best of their ability with any work required. This is a dry house and the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs on or off the premises is not allowed. Pilsdon is not a detoxification or treatment centre and does not accept people on methadone or similar prescriptions.

If you would like to proceed with an application, please print the application form (see below) and return the completed form to:

The Guardian

The Pilsdon At Malling Community

27 Water Lane

West Malling

Kent   ME19 6HH

Information that you give on this form will be treated as confidential unless it is clearly necessary to share it to protect your health and safety or the health and safety of others. Applicants must make sure that they do not fill out the Referral Form. Alternatively you can request further information by letter or by phoning us on 01732 870279. If you have reading and writing difficulties, you can do what is necessary by phone and with a referrer's help.

Trial visit

Once we have received your application and the two references, the members will discuss your application and if we feel that you are likely to fit into the Community and it would be mutually beneficial, a date will be fixed for a trial visit. This is usually a five-day stay at no cost to you other than your transport. We prefer you to make your own way to us by public transport.


Offer of a place

Following your visit, the members will decide whether to offer you a place. Your arrival to take up this place will depend on the availability of bedrooms but we will hope to welcome you as quickly as possible. This is subject to a successful probationary month being completed. 


Wayfarers are men and women who live mostly on the road, often sleeping rough. Providing that they have not consumed alcohol or drugs, they may stay for one night (mid-week) or for a weekend, sleeping in one of our shared ensuite rooms, sharing meals and with use of the laundry and recreation rooms. They are expected to contribute to the general life of the Community (e.g. washing up after meals).

We also sometimes have space for those in need of emergency accommodation for a night or weekend.

Wayfarers need to arrive before 6pm and are only permitted to stay once every six weeks.


Occasionally visitors come for a week for respite and from time to time small groups spend a day alongside the community, sharing our worship and meals.

For further information, please refer to the Visitor Application Form below. Please phone to speak to a member of the community before completing the form.