About us

Life at Pilsdon is never dull -- each day is different and unique. Despite the lack of a nine-to-five structure, the services and meals offer a framework from which we build and live, creating our own rhythm.

Meals are taken together in the dining room and this is when we gather as family. Chores are shared by the whole Community and running a smallholding, maintaining the gardens and buildings means there is never a shortage of work to be done.

Attendance at services is voluntary and we welcome those living outside the Community to join any of our services

Daily Structure and Rhythm

08.00  Breakfast

08.25   Meeting

08.45   Morning Prayer
10.30  Coffee break

12.15  20 min silent prayer 

12.45  Lunch

16.00  Tea

18.00  Evening prayer (Eucharist on Sundays)

18.30  Supper (19.00 on Sundays)


Aims and objectives of the charity

For the relief of financial need and the relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of good physical and mental health by offering accommodation, hospitality and spiritual refreshment to those who by reason of poverty, disability, mental or spiritual incapacity or inability to manage their own affairs are in need of such refuge without regard to race, gender or creed.

For the advancement of the Christian religion by the formation and maintenance of a community of people who from time to time will endeavour to live together as one household in order to welcome people in need and be united in love and prayer according to the precepts of the Christian gospels.